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Meet the GoldsteinLaw Team

The GoldsteinLaw team has successfully tried a wide variety of cases to juries, judges, and arbitrators, including several verdicts exceeding one million dollars. Their research, administrative, trial, and arbitration experience covers a diverse array of subjects such as fraud, non-payment, defect, mold, breach of contract, non-disclosure, adverse possession, and insurance coverage.

We have also successfully negotiated several multi-million dollar settlements in complex matters and we have the experience, knowledge, and skill to serve you and your company.

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Lori Stalker


Lori Stalker is GoldsteinLaw’s ninja paralegal, handling document discovery, client questions, notices of defect, discovery requests, initial drafting of certain pleadings, exhibit preparation, and trial/arbitration support.

Lori assists our clients directly with gathering their documents managing investigations, and coordinating various other requests and tasks that arise during the course of litigation.

Lori has extensive legal experience, having worked with Mr. Goldstein for seven years at a larger downtown firm before GoldsteinLaw, and having extensive prior legal experience as well. Throughout those years, Lori learned not only the standardized practices of a typical downtown firm, but also learned Mr. Goldstein’s personal preferences for trial presentation and other aspects of litigation as well. If Dan looks good, it’s entirely possible Lori is behind it!

In addition to being a very good paralegal, Lori is a very good vocalist, having at times performed in local bands, recording sessions, and touring bands. Lori is also extremely proficient and creative with a knitting needle, and and is proud mother to a soon-to- be-famous interior designer.

Paula Hull

Legal Assistant

Paula is GoldsteinLaw’s legal assistant, handling all court filings, service, mail intake, file management, practice software management, server updating, and she serves as the primary point of contact for most day-to-day issues.

When you call the primary number at GoldsteinLaw, Paula’s voice is likely the first one you will hear. She runs the calendar for the office and schedules all meetings.

Paula brings a diversity of legal experience to GoldsteinLaw, having worked for another small firm for seven years specializing in juvenile support matters. She also was a teacher at two different elementary schools within the North Clackamas School district. With all that experience successfully managing kids, it’s small wonder she is so good at managing lawyers.

In her personal life, Paula enjoys attending the concerts of a variety of different bands from local indy bands to classic touring bands to current national acts. Paula is also a proud alumnus of Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and a proud mother to a high school actor and volleyball player.

Micki Goldstein

Office Administrator

Micki Goldstein is GoldsteinLaw’s office administrator, working behind the scenes to make sure the business end runs smoothly, including billing, invoice processing, bookkeeping, HR, and payroll.

Micki routinely interacts with clients and vendors to ensure that financial questions are handled quickly and efficiently.

Micki’s background as a store-level checking manager at a large grocery chain serves her well, particularly regarding the extensive organizational challenges that attend law office administration. When not pushing virtual paper around the office, Micki is pushing two teenagers around Clackamas County, from softball to swimming to various musical engagements. She also enjoys preparing complicated home-cooked meals, and as Dan’s wife, she’s kind of the boss of the house and the boss of Dan.

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