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Daniel Goldstein has successfully tried a variety of cases to juries, judges, and arbitrators, including several verdicts exceeding one million dollars in favor of his clients. Mr. Goldstein’s trial and arbitration experience covers a diverse array of subjects such as fraud, non-payment, defect, mold, breach of contract, non-disclosure, adverse possession, and insurance coverage.

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Class Act Who is Willing to Go the Extra Mile for Clients


Dan is a terrific lawyer; he is incredibly knowledgable, is a skilled strategist, and has the personal skills to make you feel at ease throughout the whole process.

Dan helped myself and 18 other homeowners in a construction defect litigation. Thanks to his expertise and tenacity we received the best outcome possible. Dan’s guidance, knowledge, communication and personable nature made everyone feel confidant we were in great hands.


He Set the Other Party Straight When No One Else Could


We were about to walk away from a real-estate deal going awry when we decided to consult Dan. Not only did he help us understand our rights, but he also set the other party straight when no one else could. He speaks so logically and respectfully that he got the other party to acquiesce easily.


A Fierce Advocate


Excellent construction defect plaintiff counsel. A fierce advocate with high ethical standards, while we are frequently adversaries he had my utmost respect.

-Associate/Assistant General Counsel

Dan Did an Awesome Job Resolving our Builder Defect Case!


As part of a group of homeowners who purchased townhomes unaware there were unknown defects, I was very skeptical when I found out that the HOA didn’t have funds set aside to cover the cost of the needed repairs. We, the current homeowners, were going to be responsible to pay for the repairs, and ti was determined they were builder defects. Dan was hired to represent myself and the other homeowners, and through his thorough fact finding and persistence in representing our cause, he was able to quickly set up an arbitration appointment and at that first and only meeting, we reached a settlement! I had no idea this case would be resolved so quickly and to my satisfaction. Throughout the duration of our case I was kept informed of all steps taken as well as costs incurred. I recommend Dan to anyone needing quality, professional help, provided with the highest integrity, when faced with any type of case he is qualified to handle. Thanks Dan!


Construction Defect Mediation


My wife and I, along with several other homeowners in our HOA found ourselves in a very frustrating and seemingly helpless situation. We were told on a few occasions that it would not be worth it to pursue legal action as an effort to recover significant repair costs resulting from construction defects in our homes. Then we met Dan Goldstein. He turned everything around for us and explained the position we were in and what our options were. He gave us reasonable expectations that let us make informed decisions. Before we even decided to hire Dan he had already put in meaningful work to strengthen our case and get us on strong footing. He spent hours sending letters to involved parties, researching historical activity, identifying relevant details in the insurance policies etc… We decided to hire Dan and pursue a track to recover some of our construction repair costs, it was quickly determined to be a great decision. Dan was professional, approachable, practical and always accessible (responded personally to an email from me at an unreasonable hour). Dan worked diligently to understand the moving parts that made our case viable. Dan contacted our expert witness on several occasions to verify details, confirm understandings and narrow down ambiguity. Ultimately we ended with the most favorable result possible. We were able to avoid a lenghty trial and received the outcome we hoped for. My wife and I (and presumably the other homeowners involved as well) wholeheartedly appreciate what Dan was able to do for us. We would recommend hiring Dan to any of our friends and family needing an attorney specializing in construction-related matters.

-Casey R.

Gets to the Core of the Case


Dan does a terrific job of getting to the core of the case while sidestepping the collateral and unhelpful personality issues often brought by other involved lawyers.

-Principal in construction litigation
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