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GoldsteinLaw has successfully tried a variety of cases to juries, judges, and arbitrators, including several verdicts exceeding one million dollars. Mr. Goldstein’s trial and arbitration experience covers a diverse array of subjects such as fraud, non-payment, defect, mold, breach of contract, non-disclosure, adverse possession, and insurance coverage.

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Construction Defects

Poor workmanship or faulty materials, bad engineering, site preparation, etc., can leave home and property owners in a financially vulnerable position. Whether the defect is obvious or an issue that may arise years after construction, you shouldn’t be saddled with the damage. We’ll help you recover costs related to decline in value, cost of repairs, loss of use, and more.

We’ve successfully litigated more than 100 construction defect actions, mostly for owners. We’ve achieved settlements exceeding five million dollars and obtained trial and arbitration verdicts exceeding one million dollars.

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Construction Liens

Have you supplied labor or materials on a construction job, only to be denied payment? Filing a construction lien may be your recourse for compensation. But with subcontractor relationships and the nuances of state law, construction liens can be a minefield.

We’ve helped contractors and others succeed with construction liens by preparing detailed analyses to ensure all prerequisites are satisfied.

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Other Construction Disputes

Construction disputes almost go hand-in-hand with large projects, and with shutdowns or delays, the related costs can stack up quickly. When those disputes can’t be resolved with a handshake, we can help.

We’ve helped our clients prevail in a broad range of construction disputes, including delay claims, engineering malpractice, punch list disputes, CCB hearings, CCB appeals, bond disputes, and more.

GoldsteinLaw has the experience you need to deal with many construction legal issues.

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Real Estate Non-Disclosure

Oregon law states that all known material defects must be disclosed when listing real estate property. Sometimes the issue is obvious (“patent”) and sometimes the problem is discovered long after the close of escrow (“latent”). We have helped numerous property owners who have found undisclosed defects the hard way.

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Adverse Possession

Oregon law categorizes Adverse Possession as actual, open, notorious, exclusive, hostile (against the owner’s interest), and continuous possession of the property.

We can help you resolve boundary disputes, including quiet title actions in adverse possession situations. We have experience with a variety of different fact patterns and have experience trying adverse possession claims to verdict.

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Contract Services

Are you a lawyer in need of litigation assistance in the realm of Construction or Real Estate law? We can help.

GoldsteinLaw has trial and arbitration experience covering a diverse array of subjects such as fraud, non-payment, defect, mold, breach of contract, non-disclosure, adverse possession, and insurance coverage.

In addition, GoldsteinLaw has successfully negotiated many multi-million dollar settlements in complex matters.

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